Who are you anyway?

I am Guillermo, and I was born in Lucena, Spain. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications (having received honours in my thesis). I currently live in London, United Kingdom. At the moment I work as an Senior Software Engineer at Skyscanner. I have previously worked at Badoo and Coniq in London, and at Credit Suisse in Wrocław, Poland.

What are you focused in?

I push for excellence in every single thing I do. I am constantly looking for better ways to develop myself and thus, my code. Continuous learning is a must.

My main focus is mobile technology, since I believe it is not the future but the present already. I enjoy experimenting different approaches for it, including multitarget compilation with Haxe, or hybrid approaches with custom frameworks.

As a consequence, or perhaps part of the main focus, I do play around concepts like wereables or internet of things (IoT).

Do you even have free time?

While I do invest quite some amount of my theoretically free time into investigating new technologies or improving my skills in those I already know, that does not count as free time, does it?

I enjoy cooking (not so) complicated recipes (I bet this is the part of me who wanted to become a chemist), which I proudly share in my Instagram. I also do like a lot traveling to new and old places, and wearing off the sole of my shoes getting lost.

Back in Spain I used to play waterpolo for Club Natación Marbella, but unfortunately in Wrocław all I could do is just swim. I will try to fix that now that I am in London 😁


Guillermo Orellana

May contain traces of sarcasm and siesta

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