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Guillermo Orellana

May contain traces of sarcasm and siesta

I am Guillermo, and I was born in Spain. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications (having received honours in my thesis). I currently live in Marbella (Spain) after a few years in London (UK) and Wrocław (Poland). At the moment I work building Sling, check it out! I have previously worked at Guild and Qonto remotely; Monzo, Skyscanner, Badoo and Coniq in London, and at Credit Suisse in Wrocław.

What are you focused in?

My main focus is mobile technology, and making an effort to push its ubiquity forward, responsibly. I enjoy experimenting different approaches for it. Lately I have been very interested on Kotlin Multiplatform.

I push for excellence in every single thing I do. I am constantly looking for better ways to develop myself and thus, my code. Continuous learning is a must.

As a consequence, or perhaps part of the main focus, I do play around concepts like wereables or internet of things (IoT).

Do you even have free time?

While I do invest quite some amount of my theoretically free time into investigating new technologies or improving my skills in those I already know, that does not count as free time, does it?

I enjoy cooking (not so) complicated recipes (I bet this is the part of me who wanted to become a chemist), which I proudly share in my Instagram. I also do like a lot traveling to new and old places, and wearing off the sole of my shoes getting lost.