I know, the two words your (Product Owner|Product Manager|Project Manager) hates the most, tests and refactoring together! Those don’t burn points in the chart! Am I trying to make them have a heart attack? Well, not really. It all depends on how you pitch the idea to them.

As I promised by the end of my previous article, “Writing an Android component for React Native”, here is the second approach for React Native and native Android code to live together in peace and harmony and not blow apart. Since this is a follow-up to the previous article, I...

One of the cool things I like from working at Badoo (we are hiring!), is that we are free to propose, test and promote new or different techniques, technologies and libraries. React Native has been the buzzword for a while now, but it has recently gained our attention.

TL;DR: It was my first time in Google I/O, my first time in the Bay Area, my first time in California, my first time in the US… And I came back with a very different opinion on all of them.