Frustrated about your MacOS forgetting all your beautiful screen arrangements? Dealing with the neck pain of so much head tilting searching for where the screen settings are? This page is for you.

Install Homebrew

Go to and follow instructions

Install displayplacer

Instructions from the GitHub repo are

brew tap jakehilborn/jakehilborn && brew install displayplacer

Copy your layout configuration

After installing the tool, execute displayplacer list in a terminal. Copy the output, that will look something like:

displayplacer "id:0BF37642-C36D-6E90-01B5-9C8D747DA7F5 res:2560x1440 scaling:off origin:(0,0) degree:0" "id:E8102887-70FC-9A98-8839-157ACFB40B52 res:1440x2560 scaling:off origin:(-1440,-404) degree:90"

Create a Quick Action in Automator

Open Automator, and create a new Quick Action. If you can’t find Automator, you can do Cmd+Space and type its name.

Add a Run Shell Script action

Paste the output of the layout configuration step

Put an absolute path to displayplacer if you have issues with the shell path (if it complains about not finding the displayplacer executable)

If you need to know the full path to displayplacer, execute which displayplacer.

Save the Quick Action and give it a memorable name

Memorable as in you will have to find it later in a different place.

Create a shortcut

Open Shortcut settings

It’s in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts

Find your saved Quick Action

It usually is right at the end of the list, so scroll away.

Assign a key binding to it

Make sure it’s not one that is already defined in the system (you can disable it if it is) or one that you would use regularly on your day-to-day.

I’ve used Cmd+Alt+Shift+R but your mileage may vary.

Happy rotating

Try it out next time your screens go bonkers and if it saved you any time say thanks!

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