What was going on during all of this time?

Worked in creating a new app

I have been since November last year developing a new app for my current employer. I did get some eventual help from other team mates, and the core codebabse was inherited, but other than that, I carried the Android development work myself. If that doesn’t qualify as being busy, I don’t know what does!

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The app has a strong message and position on gay dating, but what’s more important to me, it’s a project I have been able to take care of from inception to release. We just released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s looking great! If you are curious about it and over 18 years old (it’s a dating app after all) check it out in Google Play.

Snowboarded in the Bulgarian mountains

Although it was not the first time I tried snowboarding, it is the first time I feel like I can say I did some proper snowboarding, and not just dragged my ass through the snow.

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What’s up next?

React native

I’m preparing more content on React Native, especially its native Android side. Looking on the site traffic, it’s the most popular topic of the blog, so let’s keep it up!

As a small sneak peek, here’s the library I’m currently coding, and I’ll write about:

More travelling

By the end of the week I’m going to visit Thailand during 18 full days. That’s a long time I don’t plan to be anywhere near a compiler or interpreter. Pictures to come!


I am determined to give a full talk at a conference. I am very happy with the fact I was able to improvise a talk at Droidcon Krakow 2016, but now I want to go big!

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I will try to talk about the architecture of the new app and how we share different components among, in principle, very different apps.

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